I Am The Coolest Man on Earth Pt 3

I Am The Coolest Man on Earth Pt 3

At the time of that show at CBGB, my cool quotient was pretty low. My hair was still in the previous decade and my clothes were parental retreads. So, a few months later, when Jerry mysteriously left the band, in spite of being a relatively well schooled drummer who knew all the band’s songs, there was no way I could even entertain the thought of auditioning for my favorite band. I knew I would miss this opportunity but didn’t want to miss any others. So, I made a plan to raise my score. Part of the plan was to hang out with those who have a higher quotient than I did. Some of it would rub off for sure.

Coincidentally, around the time of that fateful August day, came the anniversary of Elvis’ death, who died August 16th 1977. It was 1980 and irreverent irony was well established for its artistic value in New York club land. Club 57, a leader in this genre, was holding an Elvis Presley look-alike contest. The Soho News blonde and a few of her lady friends decide that not only must we attend, but I will compete as Elvis! Even better, the most buxom of young ladies will be my Priscilla!

Ye buxom gal was already a Rockats’ fan and as such wore petticoats and the other accoutrement of the burgeoning neo-rockabilly scene. As for me, the ladies would have to do an intervention.

© Curt Weiss 2014

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