December 4, 2017 Tweet from Blondie drummer Clem Burke:

“…really well done. Recommended!”

November 16, 2017 – Afternoon Live in Portland, OR

Author of Stranded in the Jungle: Jerry Nolan’s Wild RideCurt Weiss sits down with Tra’Renee to talk about his new book.

November 8, 2017 – Joe Whyte in

“I can safely say that Curt Weiss’s “Stranded In the Jungle; Jerry Nolan’s Wild Ride, A Tale of Drugs, Fashion, The New York Dolls and Punk Rock” (yep, it’s quite a mouthful!) is up there with “Please Kill Me”, “England’s Dreaming”, Andy Blade’s “Teenage Punk Rocker” and our own Brother John Robb’s “Punk; An Oral History” as one of the best accounts of the era of punk rock and the preceding years and aftermath.”

November 2017 – Jimi LaLumia in

“”Stranded In The Jungle” is a must read if you really want to know about the scene and the people who truly were the foundation of punk rock…”

November 2017 – Blowfish in

“This is the book you want. It’s filled with info and insights, it’s got plentiful tales that reinforce the importance we put on those times and people. It does it’s job making you see the value and contribution of Jerry Nolan and ultimately makes you feel the weight of loss with his death.”

10/31/17 – Puma Pearl at

“Well-written and painstakingly researched…”

10/23/17 – Jay Stone at

“The result of Weiss’s years of hard work, Stranded In The Jungle paints a compelling picture of a man who was arguably one of the few most underrated drummers in American rock music…”

10/17/17 – Art Zone with Nancy Guppy

“In his debut book, “Stranded in the Jungle,” local writer and former drummer on the New York music scene, Curt Weiss chronicles the life of American rock drummer Jerry Nolan. Weiss discusses why he was inspired to preserve Nolan’s place in punk-rock history.”

9/27/17 – Rob Ross at 

“Coming into this reading with a completely open mind, I can say this from the research and writing point of view and style, Mr. Weiss is a damned fine writer.  There’s none of the deifications that writers tend to do when writing about a “hero” of theirs; it’s objective, fact-filled – painstakingly researched and simply fascinating…”

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