Stranded in the Jungle: Jerry Nolan’s Wild Ride – A Tale of Drugs, Fashion, the New York Dolls, and Punk Rock

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Coming in February 2022 – Forbidden Beat: Perspectives on Punk Drumming

Featuring my essay on Jerry Nolan.

“This collection is designed to shine a spotlight on the thrashing, crashing hearts of our favorite punk bands as selected by each contributor. The perspectives and opinions on punk drumming shared in these pages are directly from people who love and respect it, have experienced it up close and personal, or have done it themselves,” writes editor S.W. Lauden in the introduction to Forbidden Beat. “Over a 150 drummers are written about in this book, from self-taught bashers to technical wizards and just about every style of playing in between. Some have whole essays dedicated to them, while others are mentioned as important influences in a sentence or two. Taken all together, the diverse viewpoints, opinions, and personal stories included here create a kind of collage that hopefully connects the rhythmic dots for many different eras, scenes, and bands.”