Observations on quality time with my 84 year old father, day 20

Observations on quality time with my 84 year old father, day 20

• “That neighbor of mine I introduced you to: she’s got to be at least 275 pounds…and at least 175 of it is breasts.”

• April Fools day with my father. Guess which one really happened:
o After speaking with his agent, he’s releasing his fifth book of poetry, titled, “Sonnets, Odes and Haikus: How I Mastered them All.”
o Take him to the local NPR station to speak about business ethics and management challenges in the modern workplace.
o Volunteers at the Y to help underprivileged youth.
o Contacts social security to inquire as to how to return an overpayment.
o Purchases the Kindle version of “The Monastic Life: Giving More and Living with Less”.
o Has a conference call with his attorney and management team to discuss his multiple screenplay offers. Leaning towards Harvey Weinstein as he’s a nice Jewish boy.
o Stop at Ralphs to buy dinner

• Like most of us, he struggles with bureaucracies. However, while most of us will try and work things out over the phone, he wants to go to the source. He had me take him to three different offices yesterday to seek help in finding affordable housing. Each time, it turns out to be an administrative building where they either hand you a pamphlet or a phone to leave a message whereby someone will call you back to set up an appointment. What he doesn’t seem to recall is, he did much of this two months ago. My sister and I got a social worker to assist him in this process. My dad’s expectations were unreasonable and they refused to work with him after only two days.

It’s only going to get worse.

© Curt Weiss 2014

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